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Rhode Island born

Delaware educated (go Blue Hens!)

Virginia livin'

New mom

Dance teacher


True crime expert

Wine connoisseur

Popcorn chef

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A northern girl at heart, my journey south began with my time University of Delaware + eventually led me to south eastern Virginia. A job in engineering nuclear submarines brought me to Virginia, and a southern boy and a newfound home has kept me here for almost seven years.


Submarines were okay, but a desire for freedom from my hard-hat + cubicle led me to pursue a different path. After three years of corporate life, I left my "safe" career to pursue my long-held passions in dance and entrepreneurship.

Most days are spent teaching dance, fitness-ing, and working on my business, Take Centerstage Dance Challenge (a dance competition I started with my dance teacher + mentor, Tina). 

I live for days at the beach with a pitcher of sangria, time spent with family + friends, and exploring - sometimes just the DVR list - with my new husband (Anf!).

Other interests include: the Fourth of July, 2000s hip hop, napping, the New England Patriots, creating very intense Spotify playlists, and hoarding all sentimental objects.

Jacki of All Trades specializes in simple, classic designs for gifts, events, home decor, and more. Dream up a custom location collage for a wedding gift or use your favorite lyric to create a print for your new apartment. Create beautiful signage for your friends' engagement party. Show your local love with Virginia apparel, Rhode Island dish towels, or your favorite city collage. 

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