Frequently Asked Questions


I want a preset design - how does this work?

Shop our preset designs by visiting that collection. Once you've selected your design, you can either purchase the design for immediate download OR purchase the print and have it shipped to you. Paper can be selected upon checkout. Note: there is an additional fee for physical prints.

I don't see a preset design I want - can you make me something else?

Of course! Visit the custom designs page and select what package you'd like to purchase and I will be in touch about specific design requests. If you wish to alter a pre-existing design slightly, or have something else in mind entirely - shoot me an email + let me know! I'd be happy to work with you on a perfect design for you.

Okay, I've downloaded my preset design. Now what?

What you do with your digital download is up to you! The easiest + fastest method is to print your design at home on paper of your choice and then select your favorite frame. Some other ideas: - Upload your design to a third party site to have printed on a different medium (canvas, mugs, acrylic, wood... so many options!) - Experiment with the color paper you choose to print for a totally different look - Send your design to a print shop (such as a local office store) to have it printed - Use your design for cards, folders, notebooks, envelopes... you name it!

How do I print my design on the correct paper size?

This will depend on your printer settings, but a few tips: If you are using paper the size of your print (i.e. 8"x10" paper for an 8"x10" print) - select the size of paper you plan to use - set the "scale" settings to 100% If you plan on using paper different than the size of your print (i.e. 8.5"x11" paper for an 8"x10" print), there are a few different ways to proceed. - I highly suggest using a photo mat with your print. In this case, I would print an 8"x10" design at 100% scale on an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper and leave the print this size to frame behind the mat. - If you plan to trim your print, you can print as normal and use a paper cutter, straight edge, or template to trim the print to size. *BE SURE THE SCALE IS STILL SET TO 100%* For this, it is sometimes easier to set your printer to print in the top left of the page (sometimes in settings, but you can also achieve this by setting the paper size to 8"x10"). I'd be happy to help you with printing issues! Email with questions.

I want a framed print - can you do that?

Currently, we offer digital downloads + unframed prints. In the future, we plan to offer most preset designs with a framed option. For now, I suggest picking your favorite frame and making your design suit your home! Framed prints can be done as a custom design. Simply email for more info.